The Portobello Books Team

The Publishing Team

Image of Sigrid Rausing

Sigrid Rausing


Sigrid Rausing is the Publisher of Portobello Books.

Image of Laura Barber

Laura Barber

Publishing Director

Laura is Publishing Director for Portobello Books.

Image of Alex Bowler

Alex Bowler

Publishing Director

Alex is Publishing Director at Granta Publications.

Image of Anne Meadows

Anne Meadows

Commissioning Editor

Anne is Commissioning Editor at Granta and Portobello Books.

Image of Max Porter

Max Porter

Editorial Director

Max is Editorial Director at Portobello Books.

Image of Ka Bradley

Ka Bradley

Junior Editor

Ka is Junior Editor at Portobello Books.

Image of Bella Lacey

Bella Lacey

Editorial Director

Bella Lacey is Editorial Director of Portobello Books.

Sales & Marketing

Image of Katie Hayward

Katie Hayward

Ebook & Sales Operations Manager

Katie works in the Sales and Marketing department at Portobello Books.


Image of Pru Rowlandson

Pru Rowlandson

Publicity Director

Pru is Publicity Director for Portobello Books.

Image of Lamorna Elmer

Lamorna Elmer

Campaigns Manager

Lamorna is Campaigns Manager at Portobello Books.

Image of Natalie Shaw

Natalie Shaw

Publicity & Marketing Assistant

Natalie joined Portobello Books in autumn 2015.

Production & Design

Image of Sarah Wasley

Sarah Wasley

Production Director

Sarah is responsible for getting the books and covers printed and keeping all in order.

Image of Daniela Silva

Daniela Silva


Daniela is Designer at Portobello Books.

Image of Christine Lo

Christine Lo

Managing Editor

Christine works with a team of freelance copy-editors and proofreaders to see all titles through from manuscript to finished copy.

Rights & Contracts

Image of Angela Rose

Angela Rose

Rights Director

Angela is the Rights and Contracts Director at Portobello Books.

Image of Isabella Depiazzi

Isabella Depiazzi

Acquisitions Manager

Isabella joined the team at Portobello Books in June 2017.

Finance, IT & Office Management

Image of Josephine Perez

Josephine Perez

Finance Director

Josephine is the Finance Director at Portobello Books.

Image of Mark Williams

Mark Williams

IT Manager

Mark Williams is IT Manager at Portobello Books and its sister companies Portobello Pictures and The Sigrid Rausing Trust.

Image of Mercedes Forest

Mercedes Forest

Office Manager

Mercedes is Office Manager at Portobello Books.

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